Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

I found this in the free pile at Temescal Library. Got Upton Sinclair and Sinclair Lewis confused at the time. Realized it when I brought the book home and then it sat on my shelf for years. Assumed this was a fake book, but then I saw it at Pegasus Bookstore, so I decided to actually read it. Posited as fairly important and groundbreaking in the author bio.

“She had always maintained that there is no American peasantry.” Aren’t peasants that way cuz they’re poor? I kinda think Carol’s a dick.

“You’ll feel better when you get home and have a good bath, and put on the blue negligee. That’s some vampire costume, you witch!” Saucy!

I really hope she moves to the city and is equally unhappy. That said, Lewis does a fucking amazing job of capturing the waffling of being caught in transition. Does my desire for Carol’s unhappiness come from my hatred of women or from my defensiveness about small towns?


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