A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami

Mike’s review

I’m always so concerned with a book’s spine/physical condition for no good reason. Yup, me, who has spent the last couple review railing against physical books/bookstores.

I thought, Why would the Japanese have an aquarium? Wouldn’t they just eat its contents. I am a racist.

There’s a certain carelessness with language here that I want to believe is because of the translation. Can’t remember it existing in Kafka. But I think this is earlier in Murakami’s career too.

“‘I’ve already got an image of a place,’ she said. ‘Like what?’ ‘Never mind. Get a list of hotels and read off the names in order.'” 4 words in a row that serve no purpose but to slow the story down. A mundane premonition.

“‘That’s the one.’ ‘Which one?’ ‘The last one you read.’ ‘Dolphin Hotel,’ I said.” Ugh.

I kinda remember saying something in Kafka about how the ordinariness of the magic made it seem more real, so maybe this is how that was accomplished, but looking back on my review I see no note about it.

I’ve decided to just accept the Sheep Man, but I still have to ask, what the fuck?

An ending more than unsatisfying. I believe I am angry. You can do a convoluted story if you pull it together, but Murakami never really bothers. Just kinda skirts talking about it and then blows everything up so nothing matters. A nihilism which doesn’t fit the rest of the story or the sense of wonder I was hoping for.


2 thoughts on “A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami

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