Horns by Joe Hill

Mike’s review

Chapter One FTW. “and for the second time in twelve hours he pissed on his feet.”

Not sure what it means exactly, but I’m sure mentioning Dean Koontz has real world significance for Hill.

I can imagine pure genius joy pouring from Hill when he writes some of this, it’s that damn clever and I love it and I know Twitter enhances that image (it’s the same response he has when he troll-baits).

This is how present day, then the past which leads us here structure should be done (I’m sure there’s a shorthand name for this structure, but I don’t know it). Looking at you Breaking Bad (really, the first season’s cold open, sure, great, but all the others, come on). The structure/point of view shifts are done extremely well. Flawless.

Making Lee a Republican would feel a little cheap to me (and it is, I suppose), if I didn’t read Hill’s political tweets and know that his stances are fairly nuanced in real life. So the cheap shot of a Republican killer is ok, somehow, because of that.

I know I think every book I like is the best book ever, but seriously, this might be the best book ever. Certainly more fun than Franzen’s Freedom, which I have to force myself to read.


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