The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson

Valerie’s Review

The third Salander book fell prey to overexplaining, which I associate with series books, which is why I avoid them. The book replayed Part 2 (The Girl Who Played with Fire) way too much.

In this, the conspiracy against Salander grew to absurd proportions. Getting to know the creeps of the Section took too much time.

My hero Berger disappeared for chapters. I lamented her fate that she could not turn around the flagging daily newspaper and gave in to the old suits she went up against — her stalking situation only increased my own sensitivity about cybersecurity.

Blomkvist beds another woman, yawn, and is annoyingly clever when helping Salander.

[Spoiler alert: if you care] Salander’s cross-examination and the trial’s takedown of the psycho shrink almost made the other boring 80% of the book worth it.

Overall it’s a finale to the trilogy that I wish I’d gotten to by watching the movies instead of slogging through for a defunct book club.


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