Pastoralia by George Saunders

Mike’s review

(Could have) read in a day. Is it irony to have a send-up of modernity be so inherently consumable or an inescapable fact that nothing means anything to any of us anymore?


These are T.C. Boyle-ish, tweaked existence sorts of short stories. I feel like a lot of people write these sorts of shorts, which is why they don’t do a lot for me. They were good, certainly, but as I type and try to remember them, I cannot really remember much.

I read this because it was on a BuzzFeed-style (or actual Buzzfeed?) list of best book from each year for the last x-number of years. Hard to imagine this is the best when it doesn’t stick with me much.

But again, I could have read it in a day, so it definitely sucked me in.


Poor people all over the place. Look! I found a theme! Can I have my A now, please?


Was “The Falls” hard to follow or was it 8:30 in the morning?

Though I liked the artist character, if he isn’t involved in the ending, why’s he there at all?


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