The Leftovers by Tom Perrota

Mike’s review

Plot summary: something of a half-assed rapture occurs and people must deal with it. There seems to be no logical reasons for who was taken vs who was not. Everyone is tragic. (Anytime I can write the sentence “everyone is tragic” as a commentary, you know I’m all in.)


Strange for an apocalypse to still have modern convenience of cell phones/internet afterwards. Post-apocalyptic mundanity.


The rituals/reactions feel very spot on and not at all comically/broadly exaggerated, which must have been tempting for Perrota. Refreshing (I wrote a note here to come up with a better word, but I cannot) to read such tender, true things in a novel that could easily have been gimmicky. Too often the outrageousness outweighs the heart.


I was too serious before. I’m sorry. It’s who I am. The comedy provides a necessary break, even if it is outrageous, i.e. frat boy disappearing while being ridden reverse cowgirl.


This reminds me of absolutely nothing else.


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