This Too Can Be Yours by Beth Lisick

Mike’s review

I always feel strange capitalizing a title which is not capitalized on its own cover, but consistency is important, perhaps more important than anything else ever.


Short stories, so there isn’t exactly a plot, but theme is more or less: being young and tragically hip and underappreciated and terrible in San Francisco.


“We Call It Blog” irks me because the unrewarded artistic angst shit strikes close to home and the self-obsession just pisses me off. The lack of consideration of the girl’s feelings when mentioning previous fucks. How he gets to hit the ground running because of her knowledge of his life through reading his blog. The arbitrary underlines, like “what I say is so fucking important and you don’t even realize it, do you?”


“Best Of” is a perfect sendup of San Francisco/Bay hipsterdom (more SF because of web money included, but soon enough, this side too) and the ever-present weariness of another slogging, but necessary night of revelry.


“P.S. I know you are passive aggressive” is a tremendous ending.


Often shorts will try to do too much, but these are self-contained, small things that stick to a point. Which is good.

This narrowness of scope sometimes hurts though. Seems like Lisick has a four page limit and a bigger story will sometimes get cut short and just kinds end, leaving me out in the cold.


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