Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk

Mike’s review

I don’t know why the reviewers busted out the metaphors for this book: “Among sick puppies, Palahniuk is the top dog.” “More twisted than a sack of pretzels and edgier than an octagon.” There’s only two of them, but still.


Fun fact: sevenish years ago a female and I went to Portland, because. Palahniuk wrote a travel guide to the city. This led to us uncomfortable stopping at a convent to see a very disappointing world’s largest hairball. I’m sure this was my fault and pointed out to her that she was sleeping with a small child. Not quite the breaking point though. (Don’t worry, though I’m not sure what was the breaking point, it was most certainly my fault.) I would re-start smoking on this trip.


I’ve probably read this before. Found in the same free box as Vonnegut. Very beat up.

I definitely remember the “siege of noise” section from a previous reading. So, props for writing something I can still feel a decade later.


“We’re the culture that cried wolf.”


I really hate doing plot summaries when I like the book and don’t feel like making fun of it. So. A couple people discover a spell that will kill whoever hears it (or, apparently, is thought at). These people then discover that each other knows the spell. They travel the country to destroy all known copies of the spell to prevent future tragedy. They either want all of the power in the world or none of the power in the world, neither of them really know. America, noise, culture, information.


I’m so glad this is actually good and my memories aren’t just high school hormonal testosterone filled hazyness.


Why isn’t this a movie? The opening not drug but models scene and fuck a dead wife scene would be stupendous. You’d have to change the road trip part. Maybe sequester to New York or something. Make it smaller. But there are a lot of good images here.


Come on, Chucky P, did you need to add another lost father relationship here? (This is a theme that should strike me harder, but doesn’t.)


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