Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick

Mike’s review

I suppose it’s relevant to point out that I’ve never seen Blade Runner, except for a scene in college, which was strange because there was an assumption you’d seen the rest of the movie and kinda knew what was going on.


I actually finished this a couple weeks ago and keep forgetting to post it, so this plot summary is going to be rough: A guy kills some androids who escape servitude on Mars by killing some humans. This is his job. He’s a bounty hunter (of androids). He wants to fuck a couple androids and does fuck one. This scene will not give you an erection. I guess that’s kinda it. There’s a few hints towards philosophy, but not really. Nothing’s really delved into enough to say the book is a philosophical treatise on the the merits of man vs. machine. It’s like when you were high in high school and you were like, “Man, what if man could create a robot so smart it could kill man, man?”


I’m pretty tired, but even after re-reading I’m getting lost in the second chapter.

It’s morning and I’ve had most of one cup of coffee (two more to go, for context) and chapter three is starting to trip me up in the first sentence, so it wasn’t (just) me, but Dick. “On his way to work Rick Deckard…” means he’s working Rick, not is Rick, right? Maybe I’ve just been watching too much wrestling and Philip K Dick just work-shooted me and there’s no such thing as grammar after all.


Was Dick schizophrenic or a drug addict or both? Wikipedia offers no easy explanation. There’s a NY Times article, but I’m here to read, not spend days on the Internet looking for nuance. (And now, when typing my notes, I don’t care enough to look)


So, no one objects to Google naming their tablets and phone (Nexus) after human-killing androids? Alright then.


“He had never thought of this before, the similarity between an electric animal and an and[roid].” Literally the only two things he ever thinks about and he’s never put this together. Dummy. Forced epiphanies.


But chapter five was pretty coherent, if relying on detective novel tropes a little hard (or maybe not hard, but unexpectedly, given previous kinda write whatever the fuck you wantness).


Sometimes it feels like Dick forgot what he said in the previous chapter then says the opposite. It’s possibly supposed to be a character changing his mind, but there’s little to no deliberation so it just feels like an about face.


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