Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut

Mike’s review

Apparently Vonnegut didn’t figure out how to be fun until later. Heavy-handed on the satire, without the pleasurable parts.


I’m not sold that Paul would be the guy to turncoat. What’s his motivation? Short of a Patty Hearst kidnapping, I don’t see one of the top hundred guys in the country experiencing this sort of discontent. A general malaise, sure, but not active revolt.


I’m actually pretty much enjoying this, which is why it took me until the time of the actual meeting with the Old Man to realize nothing much has happened in a hundred pages. The plot is: Paul decided to quit; Kroener tells Paul he’ll rat out his friend; they meet the Old Man; a mild revolt. Other stuff happens, but that’s it for the through-line.


Paul Catch-22 quitting/being fired is a very Vonnegut construct.



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