Ambient Parking Lot by Pamela Lu

Mike’s review

I wanted to pretend the band was just one crazy person with delusions of grandeur, but then members departed, which sure seems like an actual band.


This is tedious in a way I did not expect. I didn’t expect straightforward narrative from something titled “Ambient Parking Lot” that “follows a band of musicians as they wander the parking structures of urban downtown and greater suburbia in quest of the ultimate ambient noise,” but the word ‘quest’ implies some sort of action/narrative. Also, the word “saga” is used on the back cover.


Does anyone take themselves so seriously? But also, this is meant to be mocking, right? Tonally, comes out messy.

The satire could be accomplished much better in a short story.


A lot of this is written quite well too: “we affixed price tags to stacks of identical T-shirts waiting to outfit the youth of America.” Which is more frustrating than the overall structure. There’s enough good to make me keep reading, but not enough to make me happy.


These new perspective/different narrator chapters should be a welcome change of pace, but this is equally tedious.


This isn’t bad, but it’s not entertaining.


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