Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Mike’s review

There will be no plot summary, because every new development is a lot of fun and to go into the plot here would be too spoilery and ruin too much of the fun. But I have to mention a couple things in order to talk about this at all. So mild spoilers included a couple times. One major one, but I’ll mark that separately.


Don’t want to stop reading, but I have to work tomorrow morning.

One more chapter. It’s fine.

Hopefully this ghost story doesn’t give me nightmares.


“In a sense he supposed he had always used [guitars] as weapons” is irresistible as a writer. Bad, but unavoidable. Necessary and ripe. Candy corn on Halloween.


Holy fuck. This is all so creepy.


Holy fuck. Blowjob murder with a snuff film in the background.


Stop-motion ghost is surprisingly effective.


So good that I’m paying attention enough to notice when Jude calls Georgia Florida, which I would normally miss due to similar names.


“If hell was anything, it was talk radio–and family.”


Jude watching Ruth be taken is crazy intense.


It’s nice to see the impish troll of Joe Hill’s Twitter come out in his writing [this is the spoiler alert part] when Marybeth dies and Jude wants to call Bammy.


The old man fucking an abused child–now 18 year old–joke on the second to last page probably wasn’t necessary. Not exactly how I want this to end.


2 thoughts on “Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

  1. I’m still reading this. Fortunately, I deftly scrolled past the bottom in time before encountering any major spoilers 🙂 I thought this one was a little rough around the edges, but there were some incredible moments in the story. I really liked the description of Craddock’s ghost. Like you, I thought the stop-motion was really creative and fun to try and picture in my head.

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