Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland

Mike’s review

Generation X might be my favorite book of all time. Perhaps not the best book I’ve ever read (which would probably be Infinite Jest), but my favorite. I keep reading Coupland hoping for another Generation X, but everything else is so much poppier. Mostly. Eleanor Rigby and Girlfriend In A Coma weren’t. I like dark, brooding Coupland. I was hoping for that here, but Worst. Person. Ever. is a poppy version of a terrible person.


Legitimately had a British accent in my head beforeĀ  I got to the third paragraph where Gunt says he’s British. Though, I believe I knew he was British somewhere in my head from reading press.


Most of the shock isn’t really shocking. But the casual reference of 9/11 as a “situation beyond our control” got me.


Ray is essentially harmless. Kinda a snarky pop culture blogger. Like, he’s not really evil, but biting and shallow. He does do some stuff eventually which is legitimately evil, but his bite’s been removed mostly by then.


The asides started like they were from an objective third party, but then start adding commentary, strangely. Too scientific to be Ray.


What’s up with the end? How does he abandon Sarah? What happens to her? Lots of “alright then” and “reasonable enough” extrapolation before the end as well, as though Coupland was reaching the upper tier of the word limit his publisher was putting on him, or something.


Also, there was this potential that really Raymond was the star of the show that was lost. This felt like a pretty appropriate comeuppance for him.


Best author bio ever.


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