NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Mike’s review
Hey look, I can do something besides talk about myself. Truthfully, I have a few of these reviews laying around, but haven’t taken the time to post them. So, here goes.


The rolling chapters were exciting, then scary because I might not ever come to a good stopping spot. This is something I’ve considered doing before. It doesn’t last through the whole book. I can’t remember if there was a good reason to stop or not anymore.


It’s been a long time since I read this, but let’s try an approximation of a plot summary. Vic is not exactly abducted, but kind of as a child. See, she has this bike that takes her to a sort of Imaginationland. While here she encounters someone of a devil. This is Charlie Manx. Vic escapes. Manx is locked up. The guy who pulls Vic from Manx (not exactly. Vic does most of the escaping herself, but the final couple inches are helped by Lou) marries Vic. They have a kid. The kid is later abducted by a “dead” Manx. Vic has to save her kid.


I remember thinking a lot about gender roles and how Hill subverts them while reading this, but I wrote down no good examples.


Shout out to David Mitchell/Jacob de Zoet. Cloud Atlas! I know Hill loves Mitchell.


Pretty casual use of the n-bomb.


Couldn’t Lou corroborate Vic’s story? he talked to Wayne, who said he’d been taken by Manx. Probably not enough to completely rule out Vic, but should at least buy time and prevent guns from being pointed at her head.


This is poppier than his others, less scary, more of a horror genre cheese to it. Still entertaining though. This is going to sound terrible, but Hill has great sensibilities to him. He does a lot of things that I really appreciate, that speak to me personally. I hate myself.


Shout out to Craddock from Heart-Shaped Box.


Notes about the type are the worst. Thanks, Joe Hill, for making this one possibly the best part of the book. You’re at your best as an impish Internet troll.


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