The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

Mike’s review

Not a mind-blowing observation, but this is a pretty intense way to open a book.


There have been no real lies/indiscretions/causes for concern until ice crystal in the fish (which could easily be imagined, it melted so quickly), but the story is still compelling.


“When it comes to sex do you know what people fantasize about more than anything else? A private space of their own, a space where they can do anything and the rest of the world will never know. No judgments, no obligations, no shame, no disapproval, and no repercussions […] I’m talking about fucking, not making love. Everyone wants to keep their fucking a secret.”


Hmmm…The plot is getting to a plot summary so I don’t want to go too into anything. And I don’t remember much in the way of intricacies at this point. So how about this: it deals with truth/lies/stories, mental health, gender roles, small town politics, sex, adoption, parental/child bonds. And is tremendously good.


There’s nothing even close to a smoking gun. Everything is, at most, circumstantial. you can’t go to police with this sort of case.


The big break, before you know whose perspective you’re in (made possible by shifting perspectives earlier and often) is one of the tensest fucking things and all he’s doing is deboarding a plane. And then the falling action of no longer having the mother’s voice! Such a letdown, in a good way.


I can’t remember the last time I finished a book in a day. Partly this is circumstance because I started before a day off with no real plans, but mostly it’s because it’s really good.


I don’t know that a movie or TV show could have had this second section–the solely from Daniel’s perspective section. I guess this is why I love books. Because they get to be pure. A movie/TV show would have needed [spoilers] an actual adoption conspiracy. A Swedish fuck cult. But a book gets to be true and traumatic and real.


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