The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

Mike’s review

The bookmark recommending this said it was pretty much the best book ever. I did not agree. Why? Good question. I don’t really remember. It’s been a long time (see bullet point one for reference) since I’ve read it. But I know I wasn’t thrilled.


Uh-oh #RoyalsDevilMagic. Game one tonight and coincidentally, Lucy shows up in a Royals shirt.


There’s a certain intellectual’s danger throughout this. Which is to say, absolutely no real, actual danger ever, but lots of bravado. Like, “We interrupt our denunciations of Bush II and the Republican Party” [while sitting on the actual deck and not the deck chairs, like a couple of common folk.


“A steamroller. A tornado. A hungry, fast-talking wench who could flatten our boy into submission.” Fat chicks are garbage, hot chicks are God.


“‘This is the holy bone […] God gave me this glorious gift, and the jism that spurts from it can engender the lives of angels […] Put it in your mouth and taste the flesh our good Lord saw fit to endow me with…'”

Don’t know the context on that one anymore. At all. Someone actually says this out loud? Seems a little up front for what I remember from this book. The sexism was much more understated than this I thought.


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