Wolf In White Van by John Darnielle

Mike’s review

I have this bad habit of not writing the titles of the books on the paper I’m using to take notes. I did this here. And I didn’t leave myself much in the way of notes to spur my memory. I know I’ve looked at these notes before, trying to figure it out. I’ve googled “simple math and its consequences” before and it hasn’t helped. But this time I remembered. Probably because I recently saw a “Most anticipated of 2017” list and Darnielle’s new book was on it. The human mind is a crazy thing.


Surprised it opens with disfigurement stuff and not game stuff. A bit tough for me to stick around for.


It’s challenging enough to not be told what happened in the accident, but to then add in the ambiguous trial is a bit much. Hopefully something is revealed soon.


Like two pages later, “murder” is illuminated. Guessing I’ll have to wait a while (possibly never) to find out about disfigurement.


And then two pages later, I find out exactly what happened (still no why). Guess that means he waited pretty much the exact right length of time to reveal.


“simple math and its consequences”


It’s been so long since I’ve read this, no way could I do a legitimate plot summary. Something about a role playing game is all I remember. Despite the issues I had with this, I am genuinely eager for Darnielle’s next book. I mean, this is one of the people who’ve written a song that’s guaranteed to make me cry every time I hear it, so of course I’m eager.


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